Tips On Planning A Baby Shower

Baby showers are more and more popular everywhere. They’re a fun, sweet way to celebrate the expectant mother and the little bundle of joy she’ll be bringing into the world.

Here are some tips for making yours a success:

What sort of invitation should I send?

First things first! Picking a beautiful baby shower invitation is an important part of the perfect baby shower. It should reflect the mum-to-be’s taste, and possibly even give a hint as to whether the gifts should be pink, blue, or neutral.

Who should be the hostess?

The hostess can be anyone that knows the expectant mother well: a close friend, a relative, or even a colleague at work.

When should the baby shower be held?

A good time for a shower is when the mum-to-be is about seven months pregnant. She’ll be feeling pretty comfortable (hopefully!) and should have enough energy to enjoy the party fully. This also leaves time after the party for her to buy those extra things she may still need before baby arrives.

When should I send the baby shower invitations?

First, make sure that the people who really have to be there (for example, the best friend or sister) can make it. Once you know they can, send out the baby shower invites as far in advance as possible. Three to four weeks ahead is ideal.

Who should be invited?

Its definitely best to consult with the guest of honour on this one. She may want to keep it small with just a few friends and close family, or she may want to go all out and ask everyone!

Where should I have the baby shower?

Having the party at home has its advantages: it’s more intimate, relaxed and, of course, cheaper. However, a venue like a restaurant provides more space for those larger gatherings, and will take care of the catering and tidying.

Should I pick a theme?

Choosing the perfect theme can really help with the fun and festivities. Our personal favourites include: the book-themed shower, where everyone brings a copy of their favourite book as a child; the baby shower brunch for that mum-to-be who loves that essential weekend social event; and the spa shower. She won’t have much time to herself after baby has arrived, so now is the ideal time to indulge in relaxing treatments, luxurious bath products, and healthy treats. Of course you don’t have to pick a theme. Just as much enjoyment can be had at a more simple and traditional shower.

What should the menu be?

Think of the guest of honour. What are her favourite foods? Does she love Mexican? Italian? If she’s trying to eat healthily, veggie wraps, smoothies, and fruit are a good bet. And there’s always the classic menu of sandwiches and cakes.

What about games?

What’s a baby shower without baby shower games? There’s “decorate the baby-gro” for baby.  All you need are white babygros and some fabric markers. How about a mum-to-be questionnaire, where people have to guess things like the official due date, how many weeks pregnant she was when she found out she was expecting, and what her cravings were? And “guess the waist measurement” always gets a few laughs!

However you decide to do it, a baby shower is a wonderful start to mum’s new life with baby and an event that she will always remember. Enjoy!

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