Choosing Your Baby’s Name

A sleeping newborn wearing a snowman-themed knit hat.
A sleeping newborn wearing a snowman-themed knit hat.

Any day now, you’re going to have a beautiful new baby in your arms. The nursery has been decorated, the babygros have been washed and put away, you’ve had the baby shower, and you’ve taken all the classes. You’re completely prepared except for one thing: you haven’t decided on a name.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be a difficult task. And to make it even more daunting, a recent survey showed that people genuinely believe that the name you give your baby can have a direct affect on his or her success in life!

Getting Started
Begin by keeping a list of names you like, as you think of them. Try to discuss names with your partner as soon as you can. You might have different taste in names, in which case you need time to work out a name you both agree on. Hopefully though, you’ll both love the same one.

Heritage and Tradition
Using the name of someone you love can be a wonderful tribute. If you don’t want to give your new baby one of your parent’s or grandparent’s names as a first name, how about using them as a middle name? Or if you’d prefer to stick to tradition for the first name, give baby the name you really love as a middle name.
Try to find out what your favorite names mean. You could come to love it even more, or alternatively find out that it means something a little odd and decide to pass.

Do try to make out what the initials read. Peter Ian Grogan may be teased at school. And look out for nicknames that may bother a child a little later in life.

There are tons of good baby name books out there (some with rather daunting titles like “The Best 100,001 Baby Names”. Yikes!) Another good idea is to use the internet to look at lists of the most popular names in recent years. This can give you good ideas, and if you don’t like the thought of your child being 1 of 5 with the same name on the first day of school, it can help eliminate a name, too.

For girls names, there is a big trend for flower names; Lily, Daisy, Rose. Unisex names are also quite popular. Surnames as first names is another new trend, particularly in the States.

Announcing the Name
It’s up to you, of course, but we prefer to announce baby’s name once baby is born. A fun and memorable way to do this is by sending out a beautiful baby announcement card.
Happy Picking!

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