Baby Thank You Cards – A Quick Guide

Your gorgeous new bundle has arrived and so have the gifts! You have chosen the baby card design you love and now need help on what details and message to include with it. We know how time consuming newborns are so rest assured we have compiled a quick guide that will help get you started with writing your baby thank you cards.

A baby thank you card typically includes:

  1. Greeting message on the front of the card: On the front of each card there will be a short introduction message such as ‘Thank You’ or ‘A Big Thank You From’ which can be personalised and changed to suit your tastes.
  2. Baby’s name: Whether you include just the first, middle and last is up to your own personal taste. We recommend choosing a design style that will fit the length of your baby’s name.
  3. Finer details: These include the date the baby was born, weight and length. Some parents just include the baby’s birth date while others include more information its entirely down to taste.
  4. Baby’s photo: If you have had professional shots of your little one taken we recommend using the design styles where there is just one large photo. The multi-photo options are great if you have other children and want to include them in the card or you have a lot of favourite photos!
  5. Message on the inside: Don’t stress too much about what you have to write on the inside, you can use our suggested text or a simple message such as ‘Thank you for your kind and generous gift for baby Daniel’.

Love from

The Sleepymoon Cards Team XOXO

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