Baby Card Wording

Hi There,

Wondering exactly what you should write in your baby thank you card? Here are some baby card wording ideas that will help you express your gratitude to everybody that gave your new little bundle of joy, such a wonderful welcome into the world.


If you can, try to write the thank you cards as soon as possible after you receive the gift. This makes it easier for you (unless you’re the type of person that actually doesn’t mind writing 50 cards at once!) and it’s also nicer for the recipient to receive while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Express from the heart

You don’t need to be writing literary prose, just telling people sincerely and from the heart that you are grateful, is plenty. You also don’t need it to be the length of a short novel! Keeping it to a few meaningful sentences will be perfect.

Be specific

Try to be specific about what you are expressing your thanks for. This can make the thank you card sound more personal and heartfelt. It really helps to try to compile a list as you go, with the name of the gift giver and description of the gift that you have received. This will make it a lot easier when it comes time to writing your thank you cards. Perhaps even try to describe what you like most about the gift. For example, you could say something like “thank you so much for the absolutely adorable little pink cardigan and dress you gave Amelia. She is going to look so cute, I cannot wait to put her in it!”

Signing off

You could sign off by saying something like, “We look forward to seeing you soon, when we will be able to introduce you to little Amelia. Many thanks again. Lots of love, Sarah, Owen, Zach and Amelia…” It’s always nice touch to include all of the family names too.

The person you are thanking will love receiving your beautiful card, and will feel very grateful for you going to the trouble of thanking them in such a thoughtful way.

Printing Your Inside Message

Once you have chosen your baby thank you card design, you can edit the baby card wording on the inside. This can be short and sweet (and you can add individual personal messages) or longer if desired.

Lots of love from the sleepymoon card team XOXO

Baby Card Wording
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