Baby Card Photo Ideas

Baby Card Photos
Baby Card Photo Ideas

We’ve already given you some tips on how to take the perfect photo, so now we would like to share some baby card photo ideas that will make your baby thank you cards absolutely perfect!

First a few quick photo tip reminders; remember to choose photos that are in focus, with a good balance of light. Try not to make any strange crops in the photo and remember that pictures taken in natural light are generally more successful than those taken with a flash. One last thing, try to keep the background as neutral and clutter free as possible.

Baby Card Photo Ideas:

1. Photo of an active baby

Of course any photo of your little one is going to be adorable. You really cant go wrong though, choosing a photo of baby smiling and happily playing with something that captures her cute expressions and lively little personality.

2. Photo of a sleeping baby

A photo of a sleeping baby can be equally beautiful, in a more elegant and simple way. Perhaps select a photo that zooms in on that gorgeous little face, capturing those exquisite features.

3. Black and white photos

Using a black and white photo can be a heartwarming, yet classic way to show off your beautiful baby’s irresistible charm. When choosing your black and white photo, try to pick a photo that has a nice balance of light and dark. Photos that have too much gray can look a little murky.

4. Colour photos

A more traditional choice for a baby card, a full-colour vivid photo can be a fun and vibrant way to show off baby’s personality.

5. Background Colour

Try to compliment the colours in your photo, with the main colour of the card you are choosing. You could try coordinating the colour of baby’s outfit with the background colour of the card? Or maybe the colour of the blanket baby’s could compliment the text on the card?

6. Cropping

If your photo is large enough, you can play around with cropping. Maybe you see something in the background you’d like to get rid of? A pile of laundry that really doesn’t need to be there? (Just remember not to crop too closely in, as you might lose some of the quality.)

7. Multiple photo cards

For 2 photo cards, perhaps you could use one photo which is a close up, and one which has all of baby? Another nice combination is to have once photo that is in colour and one that is black and white. For cards that are designed for several photos, you could try alternating black and white with colour photos.

It really helps to take as many pictures as you can (one big advantage of the digital age!) for your baby card. You’ll have more to pick from and will have a better chance of finding that perfect shot of your gorgeous new baby. Have fun!

The Sleepymoon Cards Team XOXO

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